Saturday, August 11, 2007

Henry Siegman's Piece on the "Middle East Peace Process Scam" in the London Review of Books

My epal Sam Bahour sent me today a brilliant piece entiled the "The Middle East Peace Process Scam" by Henry Siegman. Siegman, a frequent contributor to the New York Review of Books, was recently a senior fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations, and for many years president of the American Jewish Council. He is consistently one of the best commentators on Israel-Palestine.

A few years back, I had an email exchange with him, after I congratulated him on one of his NYRB pieces. I know some of his family quite well, and I told him that the fact that he came from an orthodox Jewish background was significant for me, that I thought his writing was a kiddush ha-Shem, a "sanctification of God's name." He thanked me, noting that this was not the sort of description he usually got from orthodox Jews!

It would be churlish and self-serving to point out that I wrote my Friday blog against the peace-process before Siegman -- it would also be obvious, since his long piece is so much better than mine!

Anyway, progressive bloggers out there (Richard, Daniel, et al.) would do well to publicize Siegman's pronouncements. The Olmert-Bush peace process is a scam...and a sham.

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