Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Settler Harrassment of Human Rights Activists

In recent weeks, as Jewish and non-Jewish human-rights groups have increased efforts to publicize Israel's human rights violation on the West Bank, and to help Palestinians with the annual olive harvest, some settlers are becoming more vocal and more violent. Their tactic: disrupt tours sponsored by activists, and then file trumped-up complaints against them. These complaints are routinely dismissed, but they tie up the activists' time, and they discourage people from turning out for the tours.

I received this yesterday from an activist, and it refers to the harrassment of a Rabbis for Human Rights field worker. RHR is now helping in the olive harvest and need volunteers.

Last week, Zacaria Sadah, field worker for Rabbis for Human Rights, along with an RHR volunteer, were chased by cars driven by Itai Zar and settlers from the Havat Gilead outpost who sought to drive them from the road. When RHR called the police, the police arrested Sadah and the volunteer based on a complaint by Zar that Sadah had started a fire in Havat G il ead. They have been jailed for the evening and will be brought to court tomorrow.

Sadah and the volunteer were not in the vicinity of the fire. Farmers from the Palestinian village of Tel have been working today at the intersection of the approach road to Havat Gilead and, thus, were not in the area of the fire. Despite our complaints none of the settlers were arrested.

It should be pointed out that this is not the first time that Itai Zar has made false accusations against the staff and volunteers of Rabbis for Human Rights. Three years ago he accused RHR's former field worker of attacking him, but police photographs showed that this was not the case.

For Arik Ascherman's recent follow-up, see here

And please take a minute to look at the Youtube clip posted two days ago. You see how the extremist Noam Federman, a former leader of the Kach party, breaks up a tour led by Bne Avraham that has stopped next to the grave of the mass-murderer Barukh Goldstein's. As you will see in the video, Federman shoves the tour-leader (a complaint of assault was subsequently filed), and drowns out the tourguide's explanations. Federman later charged that Yehudah Shaul, who is known here as the founder of "Breaking the Silence" was attempting to urinate on the grave. The charge is absurd, but it has to be answered -- counter-complaints were filed.

Please circulate the video. Of course, there are much worse on Youtube. Do a search on Hebron or settlers, and what you see will nauseate you.

Why do Jews only mobilize for Darfur, when these things are happening in their back yard --and in their name?


Anonymous said...

mass-murderer Barukh Goldstein

Has never been proven.

Jerry Haber said...

It was concluded by the Shamgar Governmental Commision of Inquiry that Goldstein perpetrated the murders alone. That makes him a proven mass-murderer, given the numbers involved.

The only difference between denying that Goldstein was a mass murderer and denying that Nazis were mass murderers is that Goldstein's guilt was immediately recognized, accepted, and investigated by a governmental commision close to the events. Of course, I believe that the Nazis were mass murderers. But perhaps there are others, of the sort who doubt Goldsteins' guilt, who need a higher degree of "proof", something that "conclusively proves" that the Jews didn't slaughter themselves and blame the Nazis.

Anonymous said...


I urge you to read everything in that link(or at least some of it.) There's a big difference between killing and murdering. All Jews should know that. (Im not saying that he was definetly innocent, just that it was never fully proven that he was guilty)

btw the arabs that killed goldstein MURDERED HIM. He was already disarmed. The arabs that killed him were never put to trial.

Richard said...

God, who killed those 29 Palestinians? Did they commit suicide using Goldstein's gun?

So sorry to hear of such continuing violence on the part of the extremist settler movement. Pls. tell that tour guide to take heart. Bulllies prevail for a mere moment, while truth & justice will ultimately prevail for the ages.

Anonymous said...


You won. I read the whole thing. And while the logic is flawed on so many levels (reminds me of Rabin conspiracies) i want to ask you something on another level.
You see a settler attacking a Jew near Goldstein's grave (murderer or freedom fighter, doesn't matter). The post is about that and other attacks.
You see it with your own eyes.
And decide to comment.
Yet not a word about the attack.
A Jew is attacked and you don't care.
You care about other things.
That is either disgracefulness or autistic.
Either way, it is sickening.

And by the way, how do you know that he was disarmed while they killed him? OR that they knew that? That kind of runs contrary to the link that you sent...

Anonymous said...

I chose to comment on " mass-murderer Barukh Goldstein" because that is what I disagreed with. I can understand the settlers violence(I dont think its justified) because those "human rights groups" are going to lead to more Jewish deaths. Its been proven so many times that the palestinians dont want peace with Israel.
Here's a good quote from Daniel Pipes: "There can be either an Israel or a Palestine, but not both. To think that two states can stably and peacefully coexist in the small territory between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea is to be either naïve or duplicitous. If the last seventy years teach anything, it is that there can be only one state west of the Jordan River. Therefore, to those who ask why the Palestinians must be deprived of a state, the answer is simple: grant them one and you set in motion a chain of events that will lead either to its extinction or the extinction of Israel." He is right and Id rather there be 1 tiny Jewish state and 22 arab states than just 23 Arab states.

Fun Fact: from 1949 to 1967 the palestinians in the west bank and gaza didnt consider themselves Palestinians!! They were Jordanians and Egyptions.

And by the way, how do you know that he was disarmed while they killed him? OR that they knew that? That kind of runs contrary to the link that you sent...

Iv read from many sources that thats what happened. Ill post one later.