Friday, April 25, 2008

Confrontation between Activists and Settlers in Hebron

Y-Net is reporting that around 50 leftwing activists who were on a weekly tour given by "Bne Avraham" organization had a confrontation with ultra rightwing settlers. According to the activists, the settlers attacked the group without any provocation. According to the settlers, the very presence of the group in Hebron constituted a provocation.

Y-Net also reported that the activists complained that the police stood by and did nothing to help them.

Bne Avrham's tours, which are open to all visitors, are the best way of seeing the effect of the Hebron "Jewish" settlers on the Palestinian residents. This week's tour was a rather large one, perhaps because of the publicity surrounding the publication of the "Breaking the Silence" booklet about soldier abuses in Hebron. (See post below)

If videos of the settler violence and the police inaction become available on youtube, I will publish the links.


Anonymous said...

These settlers remind me of the FDLS (the polygamous mormon sect) in Texas who recently had their illegal activities challenged.
However the Texas Rangers and the Texas Judicial system in this case trumps the Israeli one.


Anonymous said...

Awful. Is everyone okay?

Jerry Haber said...

Only the Bne Avraham folks were detained by the police, who seem to be in cahoots with, and afraid of, the settlers. Let's face it: The Bne Avraham activists are considered "outside agitators" whose very presence offends the settlers. Police always want quiet and status quo. As far as I know this was not a demonstration per se; simply a lot of people showed up. Read nrg for more details. I have no special knowledge that is not on the websites.

I have to close the shop for shabbat. Maybe more on Saturday night.

I don't think anybody was seriously hurt, so that is a blessing.

I am looking forward to the videos.