Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Israel Security Forces Kill Nine Year Old Palestinian Boy at Nil’in

Haaretz and Palestinian sources are reporting that Hamada Husam Musa, a nine-year old boy from the village of Nil'in, was killed by Israeli security forces during a protest at Nil'in today. The IDF said it has launched an investigation.

The protests are against the land grab wall and have been ongoing. Some rocks are thrown at these protests, and some soldiers are hurt. But some rocks are also thrown by settlers, and some soldiers are hurt – yet settlers have not been killed or shot at by security forces. This appears to have been a clear violation of even the IDF's rules of engagement.

The Anarchists Against the Wall have announced an urgent financial appeal for a legal defence fund. You can read about it here, but more importantly, you can donate here


Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that the Right opposed the wall. It was the Left that wanted it.
Let's say that Jerusalem is divided like Olmert, Ramon and the rest of the "progressive" crowd wants. Let's also say that Obama's Orwellian proposal that the city be divided but remain "united" at the same time (just like Berlin was from 1945-1990 under the Four-Power occupation agreement), meaning that people will be allowed to cross the frontier. Now, recall, that this will be an international border in the middle of a city. Before 1967, it was relatively simple, there was no free access, just a limited crossing point at the Mandelbaum Gate. Under Obama's "divided-united" city scheme a new wall would have to be built down the area of the border, simply because Israel would have no control over what is going on in the eastern part of the city and Arabs and others coming into west Jerusalem would have to be checked for security purposes and to prevent illegal entry into Israel. Thus, there would be some crossing points in the, as their is today in the wall that goes around Jerusalem, with the same frustating wait in line for a security check. No doubt tourism would suffer due to the increased security problems and employment for Arabs in west Jerusalem would also decline.
So you see, walls and their associated problems were an inevitable consequence of the Oslo agreement with Arafat's terrorist FATAH.

Anonymous said...

Jerusalem in fact is alfready divided. No Checkpoints for Jews, that is true. But for Palestinians life is bitter in East Jerusalem on both sides of the wall. You don´t even get your mail in Sheikh Jarrah. There are practically no communal services in East Jerusalem (besides parking tickets. For some reason, no one is afraif to distribute those to the Palestinians of East Jerusalem...)
Why is the Jewish claim to Jerusalem more important than the Palestinian claim? Jerusalem has to be shared, fairly and equally. There is no other solution.