Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please puncture this trial baloon

The Washington Post and other media outlets suggest that the Obama transition team is considering Hillary Clinton Secretary of State. The Chicago Tribune reports that the Obama transition team will not confirm this.

If Hillary became Secretary of State, it would be a disaster for the Palestinians, hence, for the Israelis.

Let's be clear: Hillary Clinton is virtually a Jewish senator; ever since moving to New York she has kow-towed entirely to her Jewish constituency. Actually, she already distanced herself from the Palestinians after the negative reaction to her embrace of Suha Arafat. Her husband Bill is completely in the liberal Zionist camp. A Clinton as the Secretary of State, even with the likes of Dan Kurtzer serving underneath her, would send the peace process back to the nineties, God forbid.

Why would she give up real power in the Senate for a nebulous job that would neither advance her career, or her country's foreign policy. I admire Hillary greatly. But let her stay in the Senate and do what she does best.

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