Friday, December 5, 2008

Jerusalem Post: „Leftist Ideologues in Israel“ Lobby for Dan Kurtzer

All right, this is ridiculous. But when I read the following passage in a Jerusalem Post editorial written by Elliot Jager:

Leftist ideologues in Israel are lobbying for the appointment of retired ambassador Daniel Kurtzer to be the administration's Middle East envoy.

I ask myself, "Who are those leftist ideologues in Israel?" And when I can't seem to find other "leftist ideologues in Israel" who have expressed themselves on this issue besides the Magnes Zionist, you gotta wonder about the power of the web.

But let's assume that the reference is to other "leftist ideologues." Look at the next sentence of the Editorial:

Were Obama to take their bad counsel, Kurtzer would arrive, not as an honest broker, but as a divisive figure whose views are at variance with those of mainstream Israel.

Now, get this – according to Jager of the Jerusalem Post, any "honest broker" on Israel-Palestine has to have views that conform with those of the mainstream Israelies. And what of the mainstream Palestinians?

Ah, what passes for "moderation" in Israel boggles the mind! An American envoy must first accept the "mainstream" Israeli narrative, security concerns, and view of the conflict. Only then, the envoy can begin to broker a peace honestly…with the Israeli right, presumably.

I mean, for crying out loud, we are talking about a man who is a modern orthodox Jew, who speaks fluent Hebrew, a Zionist, a long-time supporter and former Ambassador to Israel. I won't even mention that his son studied in a West Bank yeshivah.

He's not good enough for you, Mr. Jager? Ribono shel olam!


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Anonymous said...

Kudos--I don't know of a leftist ideologue more deserving of attention, even if it's the ridiculous kind. Score one for the web!

-Regular reader since April 2008