Monday, February 2, 2009

Support American Jewish Ad Campaign Against Gaza War

February 2nd, 2009

Every day brings news of how fragile the Gaza ceasefire is.  An Israeli soldier was killed recently in an ambush. Militants launched a flurry of rockets into southern Israel today. Israel retaliates by firing rockets of its own at Gaza positions virtually daily. The drums of war are pounding once again inside Israel. Nothing has been learned from the last war.

All of which convinces Richard Silverstein (Tikun Olam blog) and me of the necessity of promoting our American Jewish statement of opposition to Israeli policy in Gaza, We Shall Not Be Party to Their Counsel.  We plan to take out ads in the Hebrew edition of Haaretz and The Forward to inform American Jews and Israelis that there is NO consensus supporting past, present or future mass killing in Gaza.

We need your support.  These two ads will cost approximately $2,000.  Richard and I have committed to contributing several hundred dollars between us.  But we cannot do this alone.  It must be a communal undertaking by Jews and non-Jews committed to peace in Gaza.  Please contribute as generously as you can via Paypal to support our campaign.

With your help we can let the Jewish world know that there are sane voices favoring a balanced, non-lethal Israeli policy in Gaza.  A gift of $100 or more will allow us to make our voices heard. If we do not reach our goal, gifts can be returned to the donor or forwarded to UNWRA's Gaza relief program.

To sign the statement, send us your name and affiliation if any. You may read the full statement and see a list of signatories.

Support the American Jewish statement against Gaza war


Anonymous said...

Only liberals can back folks who send bombers into school buses, shopping malls, and restaurants.

Jerry Haber said...


And only progressives can condemn folks who send bombers into school buses, shopping malls, and restaurants AND folks who torture and bomb civilians, steal their land, hold them hostage, and keep them under siege.

That's the tribe I belong to.

JR said...

It is hard for me to understand how you can hate Israel so much. Why?
Its ok to disagree with your country policies, but you are one sided. You make Hamas very happy..
Hamas charter call for the distruction of Israel.
Israel is the only democracy in the middle east.
I served 4 years in the IDF. It is very hard when you fight an enemy that uses human shield, does not wear uniform and does not have to follow any rules.
Try to visit Gaza, see how far you can go before they lynch you!