Monday, May 4, 2009

Jewish Voice for Peace Billboard Truck Spotted in DC

God bless Jewish Voice for Peace. I was driving out to work today on a rainy and dreary Monday morning, when I saw one of those billboard trucks (I am sure there is a proper term for it) making its way down Rhode Island Avenue. I assume it was headed for the AIPAC convention.

I think that the big billboard had the poster above. How appropriate that taking Obama's message of hope to Gaza and to the Palestinians results in bringing pictures of Gazan and Palestinian hope to Washington, DC.

We orthodox Jews would say, "Elu ve-Elu," 'these and those'. The AIPAC folks foster fear, hate, and Islamophobia; the other group foster hope, love, and respect for all peoples.

Good, luck JVP. I hope the truck doesn't get ticketed.


andrew said...

I commend them for acknowledging the humanity of "non-jews", but I really get a tribalist vibe from their artwork and web FAQ. Here's the latest in "right of return" that they don't want to acknowledge: The Implementation of the Right of Return

jagged ben said...

@ andrew

Speaking as a JVP member...

I don't expect you to agree with our positions word for word, but your comment is unfair. Not only do we acknowledge Palestinian refugees as a core issue in the conflict, but we we refer to return in our mission statement, which is our core document of principles. Please don't mislead people about our positions. (As for tribalism, I don't know what you mean, but it is important that there be an explicitly Jewish voice standing up for Palestinian rights and a just peace.)

Andrew E. said...

I just came across your post featuring a photo of the HOPE billboard truck, sponsored by the Jewish Voice for Peace. My firm provided the JVP with the mobile billboard truck that you spotted.

Here are some more photos of it during its visit to Washington, DC:

Thank you.