Friday, June 19, 2009

What Youtube Finds Offensive

"Feeling the hate in Jerusalem," the video by Max Blumenthal and Joseph Dana, that has been seen almost a half a million times in the last few weeks, and has spawned international controversy, was removed by Youtube for "offensive content." Oh, sure, if you go to Youtube, you can still see it, because folks are always putting it back on for as long as they can. But Max has posted the video here.

Of course, I was offended by Max and Joseph's video, as were many people, left, right, and center, leaving only the morally-challenged unaffected.

But I am more offended by the video that Youtube also removed, only after Haaretz brought it to the light. See this before youtube takes it down. I am hoping that somebody who captures the video puts it on another site.

Filed under comedy: a Palestinian forced to slap himself and sing how about he loves the Border Police.

You see, the Israel Border Police finds it amusing to humiliate Palestinians. Nothing new, there; they have been doing it for decades. In fact, when interviewed about it, former Border Police see nothing wrong with it. They think it is so funny that they put it up on Youtube.

Read about it in Haaretz here. As of Saturday night, the youtube from the Haaretz page is working.

Of course, when you talk to the top command, it is always the same crap: things are better in the last few years, zero tolerance for this stuff, a few bad people, and then, as always, some racist hints about the sort of people who join the Border Police.

In the last forty two years, Jews have been blown up, stabbed, and shot. So have Palestinians. But only the Palestinians have been humiliated, and on a daily basis.

Remember what it was like to live under Bush-Cheney? Remember how you felt when you first saw the Abu Ghraib pictures?

Now think of living in a place where its entire existence for the last forty plus years has been Bush-Cheney and Abu Ghraib. And contemplate there being no end in sight.

Shabbat Shalom


Anonymous said...

it was pulled from you tube, but it was downloaded & reposted here

US_Objector said...

Wow, this got picked up on -- thanks to for the tip -- and it's a shocker. For anyone who doubts that the IDF dehumanizes the Palestinians, using US taxpayer dollars, you've got to see this to believe it.

Anonymous said...

Only the last 42? What about the random killings of Palestinians who stayed out after curfew?

Kfar Qassem Masscare ring a bell?

And don't you dare imply that Jews have suffered as much violence as the Palestinians during the course of the Occupation.

Jews live in their bubble. They have LORDED over the Palestinians for decades. There is only a JEWISH State because 800,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes.

This video is typical - TYPICAL - of Jewish racism and supremacy.

Anonymous said...

The video on Haaretz and YouTube appears to be working fine at the moment...

Jerry Haber said...

Yes, as of Saturday night, Jerusalem time, the Haaretz link is working.

I have no idea what is going on at Youtube. Youtube claims that it does not censor videos that are not full of gratuitous violence, etc.

Is it possible to hack into their server?

Anonymous, cut me some slack. I don't mind going as far back as the Zionist project of throwing fallahin off the land bought from the effendis and absentee landlo You want 1897, I will give you 1897
Why start at Kfar Qassem?

But there are a lot of people out there who are focusing now on ending the 67-occupation. And some of posts focus on that time period.

Read some of my my other posts, and you will see how much we are in agreement.

Avram said...

"For anyone who doubts that the IDF dehumanizes the Palestinians"

Yes Conscientious, all the IDF dehumanizes Palestinians ... Just like you said all Arabs are racists after the clip showing Mullah after Mullah saying Jews are Pigs and Apes, right? Oh wait, sorry, you generalize only for us. My bad.

Avram said...

Anonymous #1 - tell me, what is typical - TYPICAL - of Arab racism and supremacy?

And I will cut you some slack like Jerry did, we won't even discuss the sickening racism directs towards Jews since the 800s (yellow stars - ring a bell?, forced conversions, pogroms, hangings, blood libels, property confiscation, public mockery etc) but only say since 1897 too.

Avram said...

Forgot to say, the video is (like the last one) embarrassing and disgraceful. Whoever was 'part' of this, film taker too, should be discharged out of the army. Magav or not, it's unacceptable.

Yatziv said...

First off the Border Police is run by Bedouins. And they themselves are Arabs. Second off, when the Arab Palestinians accept the right of the Jewish Palestinians to create a state for Jews; then we will not be at war and humiliating the enemy will stop. Arabs leave us alone, and let peace rein!

Jerry Haber said...

First off, Yaron, no Bedouins run the border police. Save your racism for the Russians and the Ethiopians. It just shows that when peace comes (hah!) you and most Israelis will still be racist to the Arabs (followed by Ethiopians, Mizrahim, Rumanian and Thai works, Fillipinos, Russians, etc.)

The reason why Arabs are abused by the soldiers is not because they don't accept the right of the Jews to a state. The reason why they are abused is that we can do it and get away with it. It sure is fun to beat on helpless people -- listen to the policeman in the video.

It just is FUN, Yaron, isn't it. Come on, admit it. I mean look at how ridiculous the guy who is slapping himself is. I mean, he's right our of a Palestinian Monty Python sketch. It's funnier than a barrel of Palestinians, Yaron.