Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Haaretz Falls for Gold

-- Nu, so Yankel, did you read Haaretz this morning?

-- Who reads Haaretz any morning? It's full of unsubstantiated propaganda

-- Wait a minute, that's the point. Even Haaretz today showed how the Goldstone Report was anti-Semitic.

-- Who needs Haaretz for that?

-- It wasn't Haaretz, really, it was that, nu, that think tank run by Dore Gold.

-- What did it say?

-- Well, you know the guy who was the so-called military expert on the Goldstone mission.

-- The Irish sheigitz?

-- He said that before we entered Gaza, the Hamasniks fired about two rockets on us.

-- You're kidding.

-- No, I am not. "About two rockets!"

-- That's incredible. And this is on the front page of the Haaretz website? I mean, any idiot knows that during the month before the breakdown of the cease-fire on November 4, only one rocket was fired against Israel, on October 15. One, not two.

-- What?

-- Yeah, you heard right. And while you were blabbing I read the interview with Travers, and he was referring to the month before November 4, when the hostilities began again.

-- But Haaretz says that it is referring to the month before the Gaza Operation.

-- That's because Gold misread the interview. Or maybe the guy who wrote it up. The context makes it clear he's talking about the period of the cease-fire. And anyway, any idiot knows that the rocket fire escalated incredibly during the month of November.

-- Any idiot, maybe – but what about Travers?

-- According to Travers, Israeli sources said that 125 rockets were fired during November.

-- Who told you this?

-- It's on p. 79 of the Goldstone Report, which Travers signed off on.

-- So you are telling me that a rightwing think tank misreads an interview, and Haaretz doesn't check its facts?

-- I told you – Haaretz is full of unsubstantiated propaganda.

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Anonymous said...

Jerry, you are doing "avodat kodesh". I only hope this is not all in vain, as the Israeli public less and less inclined to listen to such voices. They might draw a cartoon of you with a horn on your forehead.