Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Judge Goldstone Banned From His Grandson’s Bar Mitzvah

Words cannot express the sadness I felt in reading the post below – posted, I may add, by one of the great South African anti-apartheid and AIDS activists, Zackie Achmet.

What has happened to our people? Why are we doomed every so often to follow mindlessly the latest false messiah, perverting thereby our sense of decency, morality, and our adherence to the ideals of Torah?

As sad as I feel for Judge Goldstone and his family, I feel sadder for the "heresy" hunters and pusillanimous cowards who caved in to them.

This is a dark day for the South African synagogue, South African Jewry – and all Jews. I wait for the liberal critics of Judge Goldstone to stand up and say, "Enough" to the persecution of him and his family.

It is not clear from the article precisely what caused Judge Goldstone to decide to spare the family the uproar. Was the issue his attendance, or his receiving an honor (such as an aliyah)? There probably was no formal banning – just the insinuation that were he to attend, there would be a scene.

What is clear is that the South African Zionist Federation and the craven figure who calls himself a rabbi are the villains.

Here is the article.

Judge Goldstone has been banned by the South African Zionist Federation from attending his grandson's bar mitzvah. The Chief Rabbi a neo-conservative who has betrayed the tolerant tradition of the late former Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris has blessed this travesty.

Silencing critics of Israel's war crimes is not enough; they have to infringe Goldstone's equal right to practice his religion and his family life. Every decent person will sign a protest against this injustice. The tactics of the Israeli neo-fascists should not be allowed to dictate policy in South Africa. These were the people who supported apartheid and now they support the apartheid state of Israel.

How many people would be prepared to join legal action in the Equality Court against the South African Zionist Federation?

Zackie Achmat

THE AFTER-SHOCKS of the Goldstone Commission into the Gaza conflict continue, this time reaching into the heart of a family simcha. Mr. Justice Richard Goldstone is effectively being barred from attending his grandson's bar mitzvah, due to be held in Johannesburg early next month.

Following negotiations between the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) and the Beth Hamedrash Hagadol in Sandton, where the event is due to take place, an agreement has been reached with the family. As a result, Justice Goldstone will not be attending the synagogue service.

Some of the role-players were tight-lipped. Avrom Krengel, chairman of the SAZF, said: "We understand there's a barmitzvah boy involved – we're very sensitive to the issues; at this stage there's nothing further to say." While Krengel said the SAZF had "interacted" on the matter with the chief rabbi, the Beth Din and others, his organisation was "coming across most forcefully because we represent Israel".

Rosh Beth Din Rabbi Moshe Kurtstag confirmed that the Beth Din had not been officially involved – though there had been "private talks" – and had not been asked by the synagogue to give a ruling on the matter. "But I know that there was a very strong feeling in the shul, a lot of anger (around the issue of Justice Goldstone attending).

"I heard also that the SAZF wanted to organise a protest outside the shul – (there were) all kinds of plans. But I think reason prevailed."

Signalling his agreement with the turn of events, Rabbi Kurtstag said he believed Justice Goldstone had done "a tremendous disservice not only to Israel but to the Jewish world. His name is used by hostile elements in the world against Israel and this can increase anti-Semitic waves.

"I understand that he is a judge, but he should have had the sense to understand that whatever he said wouldn't be good and he should have just recused himself. People have got feelings about it, they believe he put Israel in danger and they wouldn't like him to be getting honour (in synagogue).

"I think (the agreement) was quite a sensible thing to avert all this unpleasantness."

Reached in Washington where he is currently based, Justice Goldstone was reluctant to comment save to say: "In the interests of my grandson, I've decided not to attend the ceremony at the synagogue."

Mr Justice Dennis Davis said that while he respected Justice Goldstone's decision, he assumed that pressure had been brought to bear on the family. "If that assumption is correct, then it is outrageous because it seeks to place a ban on somebody participating in his grandson's barmitzvah.

"Have we now got to the point that because we don't like what somebody says or does, we place a 'cherem' on them? What right do we have to do that? I would like to add that people who are gleeful about it must remember what Pastor Niemoller said: 'Who will speak up for them when they are finally excommunicated for some misdemeanor?'"

Retired president of the Constitutional Court, Mr Justice Arthur Chaskalson said it was "disgraceful" to put pressure on a grandfather not to attend his grandson's barmitzvah.

"If it is correct that this has the blessing of the leadership of the Jewish community in South Africa, it reflects on them rather than on Justice Goldstone. They should hang their heads in shame."




Anonymous said...

Maybe he can still come to Jerry Haber's bris? If Haber ever decides to stop being a philistine.

wrpn said...

I have sent a protest to the South African Zionist Federation.

Unknown said...

The Jewish divide is no longer dati-khiloni,Israeli-Diaspora,left-right it is Golstone in Kherem - Goldstone repecred Jew.

Jochi Weil-Goldstein said...

Dear Mr Goldstone,

First I couldn’t believe about what is written in the Mail below from The Magnes Zionist. For me - as a believing Jew - it’s a complete shame, what happens to you and to your Family in South Africa.
It reminds me - in a way - to what was happened to Baruch Spinoza (1632 – 1677) through the Ban of the Synagogue in Amsterdam...

You know, that I hold in high esteem your work and your courage as Justice.

It’s in best Jewish Tradition:

Emet – Mishpat – Shalom (Truth – Justice – Peace), a very interesting discussion – but not easy.

Respectfully, in solidarity with you and your Family.

Shabbat Shalom,

Jochi Weil-Goldstein

Initiator of the Appeal by concerned Jews to the Israeli Government

Alex said...

It is one thing to disagree with a man's judgments; it is another thing entirely to try to destroy his family life. It is terrible, what we, as a tribe, are doing to him. Can we call it for this is, a lynching?

Unknown said...

They're boycotting someone they don't agree with, Goldstone, just like you advocate boycotting Israel, whom you don't agree with, either.

lone_voice_of_reason said...

well said as ever fwiw this is a very worrying event and related to a very misguided analysis of the Goldstone report and criticism of Israel in general which I discussed fwiw recently here,7340,L-3876897,00.html

kol hakavod and keep up the great work you are doing



evets said...

"They're boycotting someone they don't agree with, Goldstone, just like you advocate boycotting Israel, whom you don't agree with, either."

If they want to voice their disagreement, they should picket his public appearances, boycott his books, dispute him in the press and other media. That's how it's done in a civil democracy. I hear no one suggesting that Benyamin Netanyahu's family gatherings should be disrupted in order to protest his ideology or his adminstrtion's policies. I hear about public methods of protest. I don't agree with all of them (for pragmatic and sometimes other reasons) but do consider them legitimate forms of political expression.