Saturday, December 25, 2010

Israel Steps Up Its Repression of Non-Violent Demonstrators – Part Two

I have some time to post since my 9 o'clock appointment with Joseph Dana had to be cancelled after he spent 30 hours in jail after being arrested at the Nebi Salah demonstrations. Dana writes a blog that is one of the most important sources of information about the activist movement, and he is featured on the indispensable +972 webzine. (Follow him on Twitter here.) I plan to write about the reintroduction of lethal weaponry by the IDF in unarmed protests when I have some time (most of it will simply repeat what Dana and others have been writing.)

Amira Hass wrote today about the Shabak's harassment of non-violent protesters who are, or have been affiliated, with the Anarchists Against the Wall organization. According to this article, there is a Shabak agent named "Rona," from the Jewish division of the Shabak, whose job is to call the non-violent Jewish protesters and, "real friendly-like," invite them for a discussion. Here is what she said to one of them, Assaf Kintzer, a mathematician and activist, who was jailed twice after demonstrations in the last year and a half. (He also embarrassed the IDF by posting this video of soldiers celebrating after demolishing Gazan houses to Youtube.)

I just want you to know that we know precisely the things that you are doing, and they will have consequences. What you are doing now is on the border of the law, and it is very possible that from information that will be collected about you, your actions will be considered illegal. We are up-to-date in all your files. And besides your activity on the West Bank, we know that you are involved in the Israel Business Conference. If you do anything connected to violence that will have consequences.

Hass also wrote about the intimidation of the Hampshire College student, Matan Cohen, at Ben Gurion Airport – who was told he was not suspected of anything -- on the orders of the Shabak, perhaps on the orders of the Prime Minister's Office. After all Cohen was one of the JVPer's who disrupted Bibi's speech in New Orleans.

Hass's article hasn't been translated into English as of this writing; the Hebrew is here

All this is admittedly miniscule potatoes compared to what the Shabak does to the Palestinian they regularly harass, throw into jail, blackmail or bribe into being informers -- all in the name of the "security" of the Jewish state. The extent of that crime, and our complicity in it, will only be apparent, if ever, when historians are allowed access to the Shabak archives

Dana spent 30 hours in jail; his Palestinian counterparts have not yet been released.

He is, after all, one of the Chosen People.


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