Monday, August 4, 2014

We Are Romans, Mourning for the Destruction of the Temple

We are Romans, mourning for the destruction of the Temple.

We are Romans, born of a great civilization with a noble destiny.

We rain havoc on Jerusalem and its people.

And blame the Zealots for the deaths and displacement .

“Terrorists.” “Suicide-bombers.” “Haters of all things civilized”

“We wish no harm to the people.”

“We willingly grant them autonomy.”

“The destruction of Jerusalem is the work of the Zealots.”

But the hurban is the work of our hands.

Our hands have shed this blood.

We are Romans, mourning for the destruction of the Temple.


Tisha B’Av, 5774

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david sackstein said...

"Do you think that Hamas celebrates death" .. "if you do I don't know why.
I will tell you why, because they say so. Listen to the news.

Its interesting that you give Hamas some moral slack when judging their targeting of civilians. What can we expect from the poor terrorists if they just cant get near the IDF soldiers?

So why don't you apply the same logic the other way round? If Israel cant get its hands on the leaders of Hamas, why should it not bomb the hospital that they are hiding under?

I will tell you why not. Because Israel has a whole lot more moral values than you and the Hamas together.