Sunday, October 5, 2008

And One Sobering Thought…

Liberals should be prepared to be disappointed with Obama, if he gets elected president. I have it on the best of authority that even with a democratic majority in Congress he is going to stay centrist and even, gasp, conservative on some fiscal issues. I mean the best of authority. The ideologues think that, a la George W., he is sounding centrist now, but will turn ideologue later….Ain't gonna happen.

And let me tell you what the difference is – George W. came into town with some ideological principles and very little brain. He let ideologues, and his Vice-President, run the show. Obama is much more his own man, and he is a pragmatist. And for liberal ideologues, that is bad news.

As for Israel -- I have said time and time again that Obama's views are garden-variety American-liberal-Zionist. The tone will be better; the reality, however, will remain the same. I only hope that he and his advisors learn from the mistakes of the Clinton and Bush administrations. The so-called "Peace Process" serves the interest of the Israeli government, the PA, and nobody else. Let's hope that the message gets through to the Obama administration early in the game


Anonymous said...

This liberal is already disappointed with Senator Obama. He has veered to the center on the war on Iraq and on health care. I worry that if he feels he needs to make compromises now, before he is elected, what will happen to him once he gets into office?

You in Israel have several different parties to choose from. True, they make their compromises after they get elected and have to try to form a coalition, but at least you have a real choice. We in the U.S. really have only "the lesser of two evils."

Anonymous said...

In Canada we have have the choice of the lesser of five evils. (Election day is 1st day of Succoth so Jews have to vote in the advance polls).

Obama has the task of turning around an aircraft carrier in a narrow channel -- I wish him all the luck in the world.
Gamar Hatima Tova- May your lot be sealed for good.

Americans Note: This does not mean may your property be foreclosed

LeaNder said...

I absolutely agree with you. But what does this mindset fear?