Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kristol and the Shikse

After Barack Obama wins the election in two weeks (assuming that planned attempts to prevent Democrats from voting aren't successful), credit will be due several people.

But a special thanks will be due to William Kristol, who, according to a must-read article by Jane Mayer in the current New Yorker, fell under Palin's spell during a cruise to Alaska last year, and lobbied mightily for her inclusion on the McCain ticket. Let's face it: the choice of Palin will be long remembered as the single most significant move that sunk McCain's boat. Palin's total ignorance of anything outside of the state of Alaska vitiated the "national security" argument against Obama, raised serious questions about McCain's judgment, and caused the most serious defection of conservative writers from the Republic ticket in years. Just read the devastating criticisms of Palin made by Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, Chris Buckley, Matthew Dowd, George F. Will, and even Charles Krauthammer. Polls show that Palin is now a liability to the ticket. What was McCain thinking? The base Palin energized would have turned out to vote against Obama even if the Anti-Christ (or Bill Clinton) were the Republican presidential nominee.

In a recent op-ed, Kristol sneered at Peggy Noonan's remark that "the Palin candidacy is a symptom and expression of a new vulgarization in American politics." According to Kristol,

Politics in a democracy are always "vulgar" — since democracy is rule by the "vulgus," the common people, the crowd.

Excuse me, Bill? Read the Constitution lately? Since when has democracy in this country meant rule by the mob? Apparently, Kristol is not content to strike against the liberal media elites; he also doesn't like conservatives with brains.

Joe Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber…[is] the latest ordinary American to do a star turn in our vulgar democratic circus. He seems like a sensible man to me.

In the match between the intelligent conservatives listed above, and Samuel Wurzelbacher, an unlicensed plumber who owes back taxes and hasn't yet figured out that he would get a tax credit under Obama's economic plan, Kristol goes with the latter.

I wouldn't spend so much time on Kristol if I didn't think that his writing is indicative of a wider phenomenon. Call it the Jewish intellectual's "Fanfare for the Common Man." Ever since Russian intellectuals glorified the serfs as the true Russians, their Russia Jewish imitators glorified the simply laborers and farmers. Labor Zionism, of course, was built on this form of intellectual self-hate. In embracing the mythical "Joe the Plumber" Kristol shows that he stands with the redneck, the common man, the Real American. Kristol may not look like Rush Limbaugh, but the message is the same: Those guys are real.

Kristol wasn't the only conservative pundit smitten by Governor Palin. After the Weekly Standard's cruise set sail from Juneau, the National Review's cruise dropped its anchor. Rich Lowry, the editor, Jack Fowler, the publisher, Jay Nordlinger, a senior editor, the historian Victor Davis Hanson, and a bunch of others fell under Palin's spell. In the New Yorker article, several made remarks about Palin's good looks. (Has anybody heard of a female conservative pundit praise Palin's looks?)

In short, what we had here was a bunch of middle-aged white males going gah-gah for Sarah. And Kristol, apparently, fell for her the hardest:

The most ardent promoter, however, was Kristol, and his enthusiasm became the talk of Alaska's political circles. According to [Paulette] Simpson, Senator [Ted] Stevens told her that "Kristol was really pushing Palin" in Washington before McCain picked her. Indeed, as early as June 29th, two months before McCain chose her, Kristol predicted on "Fox News Sunday" that "McCain's going to put Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, on the ticket." He described her as "fantastic," saying that she could go one-on-one against Obama in basketball, and possibly siphon off Hillary Clinton's supporters. He pointed out that she was a "mother of five" and a reformer. "Go for the gold here with Sarah Palin," he said. The moderator, Chris Wallace, finally had to ask Kristol, "Can we please get off Sarah Palin?"

Of course, the short Jew with the statuesque shikse on his arms is a familiar image: Irving Berlin had his Ellen McKay; Henry Kissinger had his Nancy Maginnes; Woody Allen had his Diane Keaton. In his fawning over Sarah Palin, Kristol has managed combine the glorification of the real American with something akin to shikse worship.

Which just goes to show you that you can take a Jew out of Russia, but you can't take Russia out of the Jew – especially a "tough Jew" like Kristol.


Meyrick Kirby said...

Don't you think you're being a tad too condescending towards poor "Joe the plumber"?

Jerry Haber said...

Which "Joe the plumber" are you referring to?

If you mean the real guy, then "condescension" is not the word; I would say, "thinly veiled contempt." Every election a person poses as somebody else in order to embarrass one of the candidates. This guy is not what he says he is; at best he was not forthcoming. What he resents is that if he becomes rich, he will have to pay more taxes than he does now (or should I say that he will owe more taxes.) I would call that, "Joe the anti-American", or "Joe the Scrooge."

Nobody wants to pay taxes, but nobody wants to do a lot of things that are civic duties. People like that are called selfish and greedy. And they are found in every class.

Or perhaps you mean what I called, the mythical "Joe the Plumber" -- the Common Man, the Joe Sixpacker out there who speaks with the wisdom and common sense of the Real American? How can I be condescending to a myth invented by self-hating intellectuals?

My condescension is reserved for William the Kristol, not Joe the Plumber.

Anonymous said...

You mean Joe the criminal who is not an licenced plumber, who owes back taxes, and whose drivers licence in ARIZONA (McCain's home state) was revoked for non payment of fines. People forget that Joe sixpack means Joe the alcoholic who had DUI convictions while his children and wife await their support payments.Joe the phony plumber is from the same moral stock.

Meyrick Kirby said...

I was thinking more along the lines of "Joe the average person". Perhaps "Joe the plumber" isn't anywhere near as close to the "average" person as he would like to believe, but in squashing "Joe the plumber", there is a danger in alienating "Joe the average person".

dickerson3870 said...

Kristol met Palin when the "Weekly Standard" cruise ship docked near Juneau last year. Kristol and his neocon supplicants took tea with Gov Palin. He played a major role in her being put on the ticket.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree that McCain's choice of Palin is what sunk his campaign. Bush I made what was perceived as a relatively poor choice of VP in Dan Quayle (I really can't say he was a poor choice because he was a Senator and may very well have been qualified to be President but the media decided to ridicule him) but Bush went on to win the election anyway. It was the economic crisis that made the difference. I am certain that if it were not for this crisis, Obama could not have won the election, but voters traditionally believe the Republicans are not good at handling major economic crises.

Joachim Martillo said...

I have written about Palin and Neoconservatives in Shabbesshikse Lies About Sudan Record.

Jerry Haber may be overpsychologizing. Kristol probably saw another Dan Quayle in Sarah Palin.

Maybe Sarah Palin is Dan Quayle 2.1 because she is far more charismatic as well as ignorantly manipulable.

Finding such ignorant, charismatic and manipulable non-Jews to front for Jewish special interests seems to be an old cultural habit that seems to have been historically one of the most effective ways for Jews to enrage non-Jews.

If I am not mistaken, Rafael Medoff discusses the effort of Jabotinsky and his followers to link up with white racist Christian Evangelicals as early as 1926 in his book Militant Zionists in American.

Anonymous said...

Meyrick Kirby, "Joe the average person" is at least honest.

Jerry Haber said...

y ben david, the latest NBC Wall Street Journal Poll shows that more people won't vote McCain because of Palin than because they think he will continue Bush's economic policies.


Palin is costing McCain the election. If you want to think it's the economy...that's great!

Because then Palin will not be stigmatized. And the great thing about Palin is not only has she dragged the Republicans down this election cycle (energizing the rather small base of conservative Christians), but unless she doesn't go quietly home to Alaska she will continue to split the Republican party after the election. She has a tremendous popularity among her base, and if that continues, Obama's reelection will be assurred -- because she just antagonizes the center.

Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving...

LeaNder said...

I think Mr. Faster Please, Ledeen, was a member of the party. At least he spend some time in Alaska during the last year.

Here he is celebrating the queen's enthronement:The Frontierwomen

And among the neocons, or the latecomers among the neocons, the neo-neocons there are female admirers of Palin's beauty too. To pick just her most visual celebrating message

What is interesting though. While she celebrates Sarah's beauty, she never cares to give her or McCain a tag. But surely Obama got one, for all her anti-rants. So she is at least a "self-declared pundit".