Thursday, July 9, 2009

Come On, Bibi: David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel Are “Self-Hating Jews”?

Has this story been denied yet? Here I am, sitting in the National Library, waiting for the 17th of Tammuz Fast to end, and this is what I read in Haaretz:

Netanyahu appears to be suffering from confusion and paranoia. He is convinced that the media are after him, that his aides are leaking information against him and that the American administration wants him out of office. Two months after his visit to Washington, he is still finding it difficult to communication normally with the White House. To appreciate the depth of his paranoia, it is enough to hear how he refers to Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, Obama's senior aides: as "self-hating Jews."

"He thought that his speech at Bar-Ilan would become mandatory reading at schools in the United States, and when he realized that Obama gave no such order, he went back to being frustrated," one of his associates said.

"One of his associates"? With "associates" like that, who needs Haaretz?

The story, about Bibi's paranoia can be read here. It's by Barak Ravid, the guy I always pillory because he acts as a shofar for unnamed government sources, usually in the Foreign Ministry.

"It's not about you, Abba," as my kids say, but would it be churlish of me to remind my readers that I endorsed Bibi for Prime Minister way back in November? I knew that I would be reading stories like this one. I cannot think of a better political constellation for US-Israel relations than Obama in the White House and Bibi in the Dog House. (Well, maybe Jimmy Carter in the White House.)

As for Axelrod and Emmanuel, stick with it guys. Let's hope that years of "palling around" with Chicago terrorists and PLO apologists have done the trick. In the meantime, you have a long way to go before you get to the Self-Hating-Jew club. I'll let you know when you qualify.

(Must be the fast getting to me…. )



Y. Ben-David said...

This is serious journalism? Sounds like amateur psycholoanalysis and wishful thinking by Ha'aretz. Unnamed sources, no direct quotes, just babbling.
I note most, if not all of your "progressive friends" have posted this. I would take this is a desparate sign of desperation because things are not working out as you guys planned with the Messiah sitting in the White House.
Please do not take this as an indication that I am an unreserved fan of Netanyahu. There was an election some months ago and the people of Israel spoke loudly and clearly against the agenda of the "progressives". That's what counts for me, not idle political gossip that passes for a "newspaper article", nor a cult of the personality.

I think the following article better expresses the reality (also from Ha'aretz) of how the "progressive" Messiah is (fortunately) messing up and how he and his "progressive" Jewish flunkies really have no idea what is going on here:

This reminds me of the story that said that Nasrallah of HIZBULLAH reads Ha'aretz every day (translated into Arabic) and based on the stuff he saw there he reached the conclusion that "Israel is nothing more than a cob web" (his words) which led him to start the war in 2006, and which he later admitted was a "mistake". No doubt Rahm's and Axelrod's views of Israel are also based on reading "progressive bloggers", talking to people like Yossi Beilin and Yossi Sarid and reading Ha'aretz, too.

Jerry Haber said...

"I note most, if not all of your "progressive friends" have posted this. I would take this is a desparate sign of desperation because things are not working out as you guys planned with the Messiah sitting in the White House."

Um...I think you may have stumbled onto the new cabal, Y. Ben David.

When a lot of the progressive bloggers decide to pick something up, the better inference would be...coordination?

Avram said...

I haven't seen this confirmed or denied anywhere, so I'll give Bibi the benefit of the doubt here and say, just journalists doing what they do best.

I do think Bibi is struggling but hopefully, good will come out of it (Not 'Pariah state' good as Jerry hopes obviously!)

Mike said...

Bibi also appears to have said to the German foreign minister: "Judea Samaria will never be "judenrein"". Incredible! First they occupy the land (in 1967) and don't give it back. They just stole the land, which is a fact. Nobody can deny it. Now as a desperate line of defense, they try to make a democratic country which is Israel's friend for 60 years now, guilty about the past.