Saturday, August 2, 2008

It Wasn't Just Me

All right, so I am a bit paranoid -- I was afraid that my blog was attacked by rightwing meanies. In the two minutes I had before Shabbat, I saw that some anti-Obama sites had been locked last Spring, and that the Washington Times (not the most accurate of news sources) had reported about it.

But it is more likely that I was simply suffering along with a zillion other Blogger uses, whose blogs were locked on August 1. You can read some of the cries for help here.

End of story...for now

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Anonymous said...

It may not have been just you, but then, again, it might have been that in getting at your site, the meanies ended up affecting a lot of other blogs, also. I don't have problems if I stay away from sites relating to the P/I conflict, but consistently encounter bugs when I return, i.e. I just had control of my computer snatched again while catching up on your work. I consider it the type of adversity that leads to strength, as I've learned a lot about using the computer and the net since it began.