Friday, August 22, 2008

Shabbat Shalom, S. S. Free Gaza and S. S. Liberty!

Well, the gallant crew and passengers of the S.S. Free Gaza and the S.S. Liberty are headed toward the shores of Gaza. I just want to wish from Jerusalem/al-Quds, to each and every one on boat, a nesiah tovah, a bon voyage, and may your mission be accomplished speedily and safely.

And as for those Israeli sailors who have to desecrate the Sabbath to blockade a mission of hope and human rights – remember, Jewish law says that there is no "agency" for a forbidden act, and you cannot plead that you were following orders.

God speed, all, and remember – contributions to the voyage are cheerfully and gratefully accepted at


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Anonymous said...

The sin is not in following orders, it is in ordering followers.

Kol v'khomer that applies to violating shabbat.

Shavouah tov as it may be after shabbat when you read this although it isn't shabbat here yet.

(I guess Lieberman will have to wait until after sunset to find out who Obama's running mate is)