Saturday, August 2, 2008

Unlocked by Blogger -- Keep Reading Here

Shavua Tov, a Good Week, Readers

I don't know when over Shabbat my blog was unlocked by Blogger, but everything seems ok now, for the moment.

I am still a bit shaken by what I consider to be a violation of my blogging space, and I still suspect people who are unfriendly to my blog. One of my readers suggested that the culprit was somebody who was unhappy that I called the settlement of Efrat ugly. Don't laugh. The few times I have blogged about Efrat I have received some very nasty reponses from Efratians.

And that's a shame because although none of my best friends lives in Efrat, I have very good friends who live there. I can criticize the settlement without dumping on some of the settlers there.

But maybe the whole thing had nothing to do with Efrat.

Thanks for your support!

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Richard said...

If Rov Riskin found out one of his followers did this I wonder whether he'd be troubled by it.