Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Israeli Occupation of Gaza Continues

Yes, I know, that's kind of obvious. But there are some people who think that because the wardens moved their families out of the prison, the prison is no longer a prison.

Israel controls Gaza. It controls its airspace, access to the ocean, border crossings, you name it. It has placed a land, sea, and air embargo on it. After exploiting its labor for 40 years, hardly developing its industries, and now economically crippling its agriculture, it is still very much responsible for the welfare of the Gazans?

Until when?

Well, it will be legally responsible for their welfare until a strong and independent Palestinian state arises on the West Bank and Gaza, which has as much control over its destiny as Israel has over its own.

And then, Israel will have a long-term moral responsibility for the welfare of the Gazans.

Of course, tell that to the Knesset's committee on legislation, which declared the occupation of Gaza Israel will not have to pay conpensation to civilians for destruction of life and property.,7340,L-8,00.html (Hebrew) Remember the motto of (political) Zionism -- maximum control over the land with minimum responsibility for the natives.

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