Monday, July 30, 2007

Why American Jews should Vote Republican

It's simple. The Republicans support Israel, right? So American Jews, this is Jerry Haber speaking to you from the Holy Land: Vote Republican. Leave the Democratic Party for those self-hating Jewish "progressives" and all those ethnic types.

And then, when the Democrats sweep both houses of the Senate and take the White House, they won't be beholden to the Jews, now, will they?

And the US will be able to stop pandering to the Israel lobby and finally become an honest broker, right?

All right, so it's an immature fantasy.

I am allowed one, aren't I?


zasu said...

Your comment actually makes perfect sense to me. I am so sick of the right-wing AIPAC crowd dictating the politics of America by holding the diaspora Jews by the throat. Their insistence that any disagreement with Israeli policy is tantamount to anti-Semitism is nothing short of disgusting. In my opinion, if people really believe that U.S. policy must always follow what is best for Israel despite the consequences in America, should renounce their US citizenship and make Aliyah in the Holy Land. But of course, they don't dare do that. They want to run their mouths while they sick in the comfort of their safe American homes.

Oz Dissenter said...

And the same sentiments go for the Australian situation - although to a lesser degree because the Australian Conservative government (laughingly called the Liberal-National Coalition)urged on by AIPAC here, is just a camp follower of the Republicans in the U.S. and doesn't hold the same 'clout' vis a vis Israel. This is with the exception of refusing to criticize anything that Israel does to the Palestinians. In this country there exist a vast ethic to support Israel 'right or wrong' Perhaps !! this is in recompense for all of the Jewish refugees from Europe before WW2 that tried to get into this country as a place of refuge from the imminent holocaust? Oz dissenter