Thursday, July 12, 2007

Short takes before cleaning my room for Shabbat

1. Those people who want to guess at my identify are invited to do so via email to me, I suppose we should have a contest or something.

2. Thanks to Mobius for mentioning me on his site The site traffic doubled today (to 15 hits, I think).

3. Why am I a Zionist? Or: what makes me a Zionist? That is the subject of a post in the near future.

4. Rebyudel, sorry about the misspelling of Rabbi Kahane's name. (And sorry to Feigie and R. Nahman Kahane, too.)

5. Good question, amehad -- aliyah has always been the big issue, though not as big now. I will devote a post to that, too. Magnes was willing to limit aliyah, although this was a big deal for him. And, yes, there is no justification (to my mind) for settlements over the green line; all are in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Don't bother to argue with me on that one; you won't change my mind. If it makes you guys out there in Efrat feel better, I don't see any essential difference between Shevei Shomron, Efrat, French Hill, Ramat Eshkol, or the Rovah. In my opinion, Jews can be in all those places -- under a Palestinian flag. (Don't worry, it ain't gonna happen, so no point getting riled up.)

Shabbat Shalom, y'all


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Avi said...

But how are settlements not OK but Tel Aviv University OK? I'm not trying to necessarily even justify settlements, but also the 4th Geneva Convention relates to population, not territory. So, for example, French Hill never had an Arab population (although its surrounding neighborhoods did and do, so what would be illigitimate about Issawiya and Silwan in a Pal state but Givat Tzarfatit in a Jewish/Israeli state?)What about Mt. Scopus that was always an Israeli enclave?