Friday, July 6, 2007

What Hebron Needs is Jews

When will the government evict the people who are masquerading as Jews in Hebron?

According to the reasoning of the Rambam (Maimonides), many of the Hebron settlers are not halakhically Jewish; well, to be precise, one has to suspect their lineage. I say that with respect to the ones who act immorally and cruelly towards their Palestinian neighbors. For whoever acts cruelly, his Jewish lineage is suspect. (Mishneh Torah, Matanot Evyonim 10:2)

When people ask me, "Why shouldn't Jews be allowed to live in Hebron?" my answer is bevakasha, let Jews live in Hebron. But not the pseudo-Jews living there now. And only when it is a Palestinian city in a Palestinian state.

Shabbat Shalom, y'all



Anonymous said...

rendez vous sur
a bientot

Anonymous said...

What a funny article... and quite out of logic with some notable lies........

What do you mean by saying: "masquerading as Jews in Hebron"? The fact that Jews always settled in Hebron and slautered in the 20th an 30th means that no Jew has permmission these days to sit there? How Jews "masquerading as Jews" by acting as Jews? Settling in the land of Israel is an obligation for real Jews. Only Jews that are masquerading as Jews don't see this that way.

You put Maimonides and Mishneh Torah here as to allegely strengthen you case, but you fail to bring quotes and links so every one could judge your claims. Of course you are selling smoke and dust to hide the truth from the readers.

Jewish lineage is depended only by family links and by the behaviour of the one. You can be a thief or a lier and still be a Jew. The fact is that you pose yourself as a Jew, but you don't see how you more Jewish than any Jewish settler in the land of Israel.

Shalom, y'all

Abe Bird

Jerry Haber said...

I fail to bring quotes and links? Must I do everything? Isn't it enough that I cite the source? Doesn't everybody own the Mishneh Torah? Jiminy cricket....

I already said that Jews should live there, just like Arabs should live in Deir Yasin, now known as Givat Shaul Bet. But I can't believe that Jews are living in Hebron now, because the Jews I know don't write grafitti like "Arabs to the Gas Chambers" or act like the pseudo-Jewish woman in the youtube video.